Parenting Matters ... learn and grow together

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Parenting is valued and is understood as essential to raising healthy, happy children and youth.

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We link parenting knowledge and best practises with community partners who serve parents and caring adults.

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Parenting matters. Parents are motivated to be the best they can be. Support makes a difference. We are all in this together.

the Parenting

What is the Parenting Alliance of Waterloo Region?

The Parenting Alliance of Waterloo Region (PAWR) emphasizes the importance of the relationship between parents* and children that respects everyone as learners and fosters healthy development. *biological, adoptive, kinship, foster and legal guardians 

Parenting Alliance of Waterloo Region

PAWR is a group of agencies in Waterloo region working with parents and children from prenatal to school exit.

PAWR exists to:

  • Promote the importance of parenting.
  • Engage community partners in discussions and planning activities for the development of a comprehensive approach to parenting in Waterloo Region.
  • Implement/coordinate activities for the planning of a comprehensive approach to parenting in Waterloo Region.


Our Shared Principles

The collaborative is strong, intentional, connected,

sustainable and active in all parts of Waterloo Region.


We focus on:

We identify best practises for positive parenting, and curate models, tools and resources for community agencies


We establish a clear understanding of positive parenting while integrating awareness of stigma and judgement


We leverage strengths and capacities of community partners, members, and parents to better support parents and our community


We work to support the goals of the collaborative through in-kind and grant contributions

The work of the Parenting Alliance of Waterloo Region will lead to systemic change:

Parents will parent without judgement or stigma

Diverse needs for the parenting community are met

Parenting is valued


Parents are supported


Any agency or organization that provides services to parents and children (prenatal to school exit) may join the Parenting Alliance of Waterloo Region.

As members of the PAWR, we incorporate the Shared Principles into our practice and abide by the Terms of Reference.


Shared Principles    Terms of Reference

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